Our Hosting Services

Quality Web Hosting

Not only are they much lower cost than the extended validation class certificate, standard SSL certificates will do the job of securing sensitive user data and giving your visitors confidence in your website.

Shared Web Hosting

Linux Web Hosting (sometime referred to as LAMP - Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP) allows a company to build its web sites by using the Linux Operating System. Using this platform for web development gives companies the flexibility to take advantage of the best and most popular open-source technologies such as PHP, MySQL, Python, and XML. The Linux Website Hosting is an open-source variation of the Unix Operating System.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is perfect for those who want to venture into owning their own companies, or even those who own multiple websites and want to host them all under one place, and is just like shared hosting, only it has an amazing plug-in added called WHM, allowing you to create cPanel accounts yourself and offer webhosting and bill your clients whatever prices you want!. It's really clever, and really cool.

Master Reseller Hosting

Master Reseller plans take the features from the shared plans, the technology from reseller plans and another plugin, WHMPHP - allowing you to resell both shared accounts and resellers. They're perfect for web hosting companies and expanding networks. Whats more, all annual plans come with a free domain name - and, our master reseller plans are more affordable than anyone else, so you'll be saving loads of cash to spend on other things.

ASP.NET Web Hosting

Microsoft .NET Framework to make it easier to build and host Web pages, Web applications, and XML Web services. Is an extremely successful platform for ASP.NET based intranet and Internet deployments. Includes the newly re-architected IIS, ASP.NET, MVC, and the Microsoft .NET Framework. Below you will find the best Windows plans on the market, ranked by value for money, quality, and reliability.

Corporate or Business Hosting

The Corporate Web Hosting is ideal forUniversity, NGOs, Group of Companies, Newspapers, Software Companies, E-Commerce and medium-to-high traffic web sites that need higher resource usages, but do not require the complexities. Our Corporate Hosting bridges the gap between Personal Hosting and a fully dedicated server and with our solid Zero Overselling Policy enforcement, you fully get what you pay for.

Dedicated Server

Major Websites and businesses in demand of reliability, top security and a high amount of resources will significantly benefit from choosing dedicated hosting. A dedicated server gives you the ultimate in control, power and security. With your own server, there'll be no more noisy neighbors disrupting your website performance. You'll have access to all the server resources and horsepower you need for your website.